What is L’Esthète? L’Esthète, pronounced /lɛstɛt/, is a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty. Originally, from Greek aisthētēs - a person who perceives. It can be the crisp flex of new leather. The subtly-blended scents of a wine cellar and the satisfying pop of the cork. Stories inspired and memories made in new places with old friends. Sometimes it’s the salt tang on the air and the soft breeze through palms; waves’ sound on far-off exotic shores. But it’s also the music of cities: that meaningful pause between frantic notes when here and now becomes something more; an elevated moment made just for you. An adventure, rewarding of its own virtue whether in your own backyard or beyond. But this is about more than seeking or finding life’s perfect moments. It’s about enabling you to create them; to enjoy at your whim – and reveal what you experience for others to appreciate. What can be everything you want it to be, from the solidly-crafted to the ethereally beautiful.

It’s better to ask who. You can find L’Esthète in everything: art, life, science, style, food, culture. But you won’t feel it everywhere. Life’s little treasures must be sought – and understood – to be fully appreciated. And that’s why we are here: to enhance your quest for the exceptional. Fulfilling truly discerning tastes can be complex – we know, because we share those tastes. All of us. Who are we? We are people in the now. In the know. Tasteful seekers of the vibrant; the lush; the impactful. Each of our partners is an explorer. Together, we discover the effects, environments and encounters that transform simple moments into rich memories. We are practiced raconteurs of the impressive. In the end, L’Esthète is simply a word. Far more important are the qualities it embodies – craftsmanship; beauty; heritage – and the values for which it stands. Your values.

Because you are L’Esthète. Immersed in life; blending the best of new and old to create something special for today. Discovering something new for tomorrow. What strikes your fancy? If it deserves your appreciation, you’ll find it here. Count on it – nothing less. If there’s something you feel we should know about – something remarkable – please feel encouraged to share it with us. Your recommendations help define the standards of the 21st century.

Be L’Esthète. Learn. Share. Change the world.

Knowledge is power!
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