Carme Ruscalleda’s Sant Pau Restaurant: A Perfect Marriage of Tradition & Flair

of upholding quality and a friendly, knowledgeable service, the talented, self-taught chef was awarded her first Michelin star in 1991. Today she boasts 5 Michelin stars amongst her three restaurants – additionally boasting a Grand Chef membership in the exclusive Relais & Chateaux group.

 The kitchen itself is in full view from the garden through a glass wall encasing beneath the dining area – a privilege only

surpassed by a personal table visit by Ms. Ruscalleda herself. A practice she employs often, with grace and unexpected humility.

As a rule, the tasting menu must be ordered by the entire table. And as soon as the dishes begin to arrive it is easy to understand why; each course is a carefully orchestrated symphony of flavors; expertly paired with complementing wine selections for a most potent experience.

The menu changes seasonally with the

regional products of the moment but always manage to compliment the tasting as a whole. The expert staff is on hand to explain every dish simply and efficiently – allowing guests to form opinions based on presentation, taste and texture. The meal begins with a sparkling glass of Cava followed by a selection of tapas – contemporary takes on Catalan classics including croquettes and bacalao (cod) dishes.    

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