Castles and Dreams: Created by ‘Greatness’

Wandering the immaculately manicured lawns, pungent with the romantic aroma of seasonal camellias, the first of a series of labyrinth passageways invites further exploration. A short distance away, a stately 18th century palace stands as a silent but regal reminder of a glorious, historical past. The journey continues past acres of lush trees and colorfully exotic flora. Glimmering ponds and impromptu gardens, surrounded by vigilant stone statues,

complete the idyllic scene – too soon interrupted by the first of your luncheon guests.  

This fairytale-like setting is one of many unique experiences offered by the Spain-based luxury event company aptly named: Greatness. The premise: more than 30 castles, palaces and exquisite private properties open their doors to the world’s most discerning travelers for short stays, visits or events.

This ambitious project, masterminded by

cousins, Isabel Benjumea and Gonzalo

Guinea, was motivated by a patriotic love of country and a fear of being overshadowed by more popular destinations. Isabel, an accomplished professional who once worked for the World Bank, had attended a British boarding school and fondly remembered her father taking her on visits to impressive private properties which opened to the public. As an adult, it

7 months ago

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