De-stressing the Senses: Essential Oils for Stress Management

How many times have you felt stress overwhelm you? You don’t have to constantly be nine-to-fiving to go through stress on a daily basis. In fact, anything can cause you to stress out, especially if you suffer from things like chronic anxiety disorders, hormonal imbalances, PMS or hypersensitivity. Stress has been proven to be the cause of 90% of doctor visits, but why go to the doctor when you can manage the stress yourself using your own natural

homemade remedies?

Stress levels can be adeptly managed with aromatherapy and essential oils – and no, you don’t even have to go to the spa! Creating simple therapeutic blends at home is easier than most think. And while most essential oils may be on the pricey side, you don’t have to purchase a whole kit to get started. One essential oil alone can encompass a plethora of properties and almost all can be used in massages,

diffusers, room and body sprays, and baths.

Such a multifaceted essential oil is lavender. Not only does it have antibacterial and antifungal properties, but lavender is also a celebrated stress reliever. Having the ability to soothe and relax, lavender can be inhaled, diffused or rubbed onto the skin for deep relaxation. Add a couple of drops of lavender to your bath, dip in, and indulge in sheer serenity. If your stress has brought on a headache or migraine, rub some lavender

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