Drinking the Stars: RM Grand Cru Perfection

Champagne signals celebration. A plan implemented. A goal attained. A milepost passed. Joy mists the eye and effervescence warms the heart. The bliss of the kiss from the major champagne houses is undeniably exquisite. There exists, however, an even more ethereal choice that takes champagne connoisseurs to the heavens and beyond. Of the 19,000 independent grape growers in 'La' Champagne, the region, only 5,000 produce 'Le' Champagne, the wine, from

their own grapes, earning the RM, or Récoltant-Manipulant distinction. Fewer still are squeezed from vines nurtured within the short list of 17 grand cru villages established by l'echelle des crus. The vignerons from these villages consistently earn 100-point scores for location, climate, aspect, soil, and vinification. Champagne from an RM grand cru vigneron, albeit with an unfamiliar name, is likely to be an enlightening cru 

experience.  Within the grand villages exists a collection of artisanal, small batch, champagne producers known as Club Trésors de Champagne. This venerable roster of some of the world's most unique champagne vignerons invites members to achieve an even further distinction. "Special Club" champagnes are awarded such status only in years deemed superior, and only after extensive tastings over several years by a distinguished panel of

2 years ago

@Zhaba, I bet it tastes even better!

2 years ago

Sounds tasty!

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