Immortal Classics: Top Must-Have Timeless Perfumes

Exquisite. Perennial. Timeless. Immortal. These are the fragrances that proudly pose as historical hallmarks in the perfume world, and that have effortlessly proven to be as ageless as the day they were first created. Every dedicated perfumista either owns them all, or aspires to collect them all. But what makes these fragrances stand out is not their collectability or vintage-like disposition, but the fact that they were -and are- unique enough to inspire

generations of perfumers and perfume lovers alike.

No 5 by Chanel

The godhead of all classic perfumes and declared the most bestselling fragrance in the world, Chanel’s No 5 , was first launched in 1921. Perfumer Ernest Beaux was asked by designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel to create samples of perfume that “smell like a woman”; Madame Coco chose the fifth sample, hence the name of the

inimitable fragrance. Cherished throughout the ages by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, No 5 remains the rightful queen of classic designer perfumery.

Shalimar by Guerlain

Every modern-day gourmand perfume can trace its lineage back to Shalimar , the vanilla-based oriental fragrance created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925. Its maker drew inspiration from the legendary love story between Emperor Shahjahan and Mumtaz

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