Poseidon Underwater Resorts: Living in a Sea of Luxury

After an indulgent night’s sleep, I awaken to witness remarkable beauty surrounding me. The fantastical creatures I see form a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors as they elegantly disappear into the fold. Before I can even process what I'm seeing, some new natural wonder creates an awe-inspiring spectacle right before my eyes. It takes but a moment to realize that I am the curious intruder being observed by the mysterious and mystifying world beneath the sea.

Currently under construction on a private island in Fiji, the Poseidon Underwater Resort is set to be the world’s first underwater 5-star resort. First conceptualized by L. Bruce Jones – a submarine industry specialist – in 2001, the resort is reported to feature a 5000 acre lagoon, 24 suites, one master suite, a restaurant and bar, plus a conference room, wedding chapel and two spa treatment


For those who prefer to sleep on dry land, the resort will provide 24 additional bungalows on the 220 acre remote island along with 26 dramatic bungalows over a coral reef. For the ultimate opulent experience, clients can spend a week at the resort and try two consecutive nights in all three types of rooms available.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy onshore amenities including tennis courts, a

swimming pool, a golf course and a

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The best Hotel in the world

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Best Hotel

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