Poseidon Underwater Resorts: Living in a Sea of Luxury

specially created marina. Guests can fly in and out of the resort via private jet to connect with non-stop flights headed to several international hubs including Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand, Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, California.

In keeping with the aquatic theme, additional activities include maneuvering a personal mini submarine, scuba diving,

marine-based spa treatments and riding in a

custom-made 1000 ft. luxury submersible.

Geared primarily towards affluent couples, the resort will provide VIP guests with special services such as weddings in the underwater chapel, vow renewal ceremonies, private splash pools, wedding planners and an extravagant 1,200-square-foot (110 m2) master suite. Land-based options include ceremonies on the beach

specially catered to match their every whim.

All of the underwater suites feature

transparent acrylic window panels surrounding 70% of the room. Privacy issues are solved by a special reflective film that makes it quite difficult to see inside during the day and select viewpoints can be rendered opaque by night.

Other luxurious room amenities include large Jacuzzi tubs, controllable outdoor light

switches and a fish feeding area – making it

possible for guests to interact with sea life

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The best Hotel in the world

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Best Hotel

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