Power and Passion: The Perfect Red Pout

In Kingdom Animalia, nature has traditionally put males in charge of colour, equipping them with brilliant plumage and other elaborate articles of seduction. Humans, however, have exchanged roles, placing adornment and colour in the female hand to turn heads. While there are many ways to command attention, there is no better exclamation point for a woman's style than a perfectly detailed lip, glossed in a rich, riveting red.

As iconic as the red lip itself, the House of Guerlain introduced fashionable women to the first wax-based lipsticks in 1870, as well as the first automatic lipsticks in 1936. Today, Guerlain produces arange of ultra creamy, super opaque, intoxicating reds, some of which containfinely crushed rubies. From true, bold reds like Garçonne, to blue-hued reds like Gala or Madame Flirt, and outstanding orange-reds like Geisha, this selection is beyond compare. It

is simply divine, from silken application to elegant case.
Guerlain has excellent wear, providing extra insurance against smudge and bleed with the KissKiss Extreme line. Touch upsdraw additional glances with exquisite cases. Le Rouge G comes in apalm-perfect slip of a silver silhouette that clicks up with a sleek mirror. The KissKiss Gold & Diamonds line presents in a scrumptious 18k gold case adorned with 199 diamonds

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