Pumping Up the Volume: Must-Have Outrageously Magnifying Mascaras

Achieving an intensely volumized glare is a long-pursued quest for most cosmetic-savvy women. Those who lack the lusciousness of naturally thick and dark lashes dream of that perfect dramatic look that caters an intensity boost or false lash effect. Finding that one and only holy-grail mascara that will outstrip all the rest can be tricky – admit it, you too have spent years in conquest – but is achievable nonetheless. And as mascara technology

expands, so does the quality of volumizing mascaras.

Yet the volume attribute alone has become quite passé over the past few years. A whole generation of mascaras that boasted a volumized effect, really didn’t live up to the hype. Manufacturers who acknowledged this became keener on creating all-in-one mascaras that offer multiple results and louder effects. Estee Lauder has recently added such a ‘new

generation’ mascara to its collection, Sumptuous Extreme . This mascara not only volumizes, but generates a multiple-lash effect thanks to the extension-like fibers it contains.

The Hypnôse series by Lancôme is also renowned for the combination of results it offers, hence why most of its mascaras are all-in-one go-tos. Doll Eyes is one of the frontrunners in the Hypnôse family, providing both lasting volume and a lift to

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