Sartorial Etiquette: A Women’s Guide to Formal Dressing

Clothing speaks a thousand languages.

You can either dominate a moment or be completely engulfed by it simply by what you are wearing. Whether you accept it or not, you will be judged on your appearance even before you utter a single word. That is a sartorial truth.

Different events call for divergent sartorial comportments. We’ll give strict emphasis on formal attire since it is the most precarious of all. It is by this fact that

celebrities would pay enormous amount of money to stylists just to get them through the red carpet admirably.

With a vast array of clothing choices (from impressive to repulsive) and more freedom nowadays, some would opt to arrive at a formal setting donning an ensemble appropriate for a rock ‘n roll concert. Oh, how we miss the old days when glamour and elegance were the norm. Luxuriously embellished gowns, crystal-laden

headdress, long satin gloves and dignified tailored suits prevailed in the days of yore. It’s the ideal personification of a classy style. Contrary to the belief of some, enveloping oneself in head-to-toe designer wear with massive logos will not make one achieve that level.

A White Tie event is located at the top of the tier of formal dressing. The dress code for this type of event originally revolved around men. Through the years, however,

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