Scarlet Fever: Dynamic Red Room Design Inspirations

Red, in all its grand vibrancy, is more than just a mere hue. It can denote various fundamental elements in one’s life. In Chinese culture, for example, there is a phrase that signifies the power of this color: hóng hóng huǒ huǒ . In raw translation, it means “red, red, fire, fire”, the underlying definition of the phrase, however, is happiness and prosperity.
Multiple design aficionados have adopted the rich color to their own schemes. It does

take a certain amount of fortitude and a keen eye for style in executing a red room. A very thin line is drawn between the room either being superbly elegant or eye sore shabby. The essentials to consider when going scarlet are the two big C’s: contrast and composition.
No one else can do a peculiar mix of bold colors and graphics better than acclaimed design genius, Miles Redd. He definitely knows how to turn a sanguine tone to

energize a home in an ultra posh way. Known for mixing magnificent art pieces with equally extraordinary furniture, Redd never fails to fascinate and turn an area into a one of a kind masterpiece.
Crimson room with a touch of the Orient is still favored by many because of the strong association between the two. A splash of red paired with a few subtle Asian accents is the perfect way to make the union work. Adding a couple of pieces that matches the

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