Seek The Unique: Unusual Furniture Pieces For The Stylish Abode.

“The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique” so said Isaac Bashevis Singer.
Every so often, we encounter unusual furniture pieces that take our breath away; the kind of accoutrements that combines a perfect marriage of eccentricity and a lot of stylish vibe. Exceptional quality blended with one-of-a-kind magnificent design is what the “superclass” is going for nowadays according to Larry Samuel’s

book ‘Rich’. This prompts hoi polloi to wonder: “How come it’s so expensive if it looks bizarre?” Exclusivity and uniqueness is what makes it such. Foregoing conventional off-the-shelf pieces in favor of rare ones has become the standard of the elite.   A statement piece is quintessential for every home. Take for example a cupcake like ottoman that is both outré and functional. Mixing it with elegant décor can tone down the outlandish aura of an area,

making it more interesting and exciting at the same time. An unusual piece can also double as a conversation starter.
A perfectly curated bedroom with equally coordinating furniture kills its appeal. The design is outdated and basically mundane. World renowned furniture maker, Kenneth Cobonpue’s Voyage Bed, with its standout ethereal design - akin to old reed rafts - has caught the attention of celebrity A-listers and architecture aficionados, Brad Pitt and

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