Spyker V6 Venator Concept: For the Tenacious, No Road is Impassable

It's not every day that a boutique Dutch automaker shows off a concept vehicle, so it is an occasion to stop and really take note. Quite a few cars made their debut at the Geneva auto show, but Spyker's V6 Venator Concept car stood out from the crowd. Few if any of the other vehicles embodied what can literally be called art on wheels. Every nook and cranny of Spyker's concept is loaded with a keen attention to aesthetic beauty, making 

it a car owners could sit and stare at for hours as if it were a sculpture in a museum.

As if that were not enough, Spyker stopped the show recently at Concours d'Elegance when it showed off a wine-colored Spyder or convertible version of the Venator. Both cars showcase an exquisite attention to detail and demonstrate the reason Spyker is back in the car-making business. The

Dutch company plans to offer the Venator

to the public, which hopefully will not see

many if any design changes. An important

thing to note about the car: in a time when so many automakers of all stripes use various forms of plastic in their vehicles, the V6 Venator Concept comes with virtually no plastic in its entire construction.

While it's not unusual for cars to be outfitted with leather upholstery, Spyker

wrapped leather over more than just the

seats, steering wheel, and a few other

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