Tai Chi and Qigong: Cultivating the Energy of Life

Breath – movement – alignment with the self, life, and universal energy. These are the main cornerstones of Tai Chi and Qigong, practices that are based on the philosophy of Tao and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and that can be traced back to Taoist and Buddhist cultures 4000 years ago. For centuries their techniques have enhanced mind, body, and spirit, and now they are available to the West in all their forms and varieties.

If you wish to adopt a practice that will bring you physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, either Tai Chi or Qigong may be the path for you. Conditions ranging from emotional anxiety and mental incapacities, to physical stress and bodily ailments can all be addressed and successfully relieved through either of these two practices. For those who aim to find balance through simple and methodic techniques, preferring not to get caught up in

highly-demanding and strenuous martial arts, they will find that both Tai Chi and Qigong address the newbie in a lenient manner while requiring no experience or qualifications on his or her behalf.

In understanding the benefits and philosophy behind Tai Chi and Qigong, we must first comprehend what Traditional Chinese Medicine defines as Qi or Chi . Chi can be translated as “life force” or “energy flow”. It is the energy that permeates all of

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