Tesla Model S: The Devil is in the Detail

There is no denying that the Tesla Model S is a revolutionary vehicle.

Once called “vaporware” by critics, the Model S has materialized and taken the automotive industry by storm. Those who have been fortunate enough to see one in person recognize immediately it is a thing of beauty.

All great automotive design takes place in the details. Automakers who produce run-of-the-mill vehicles often focus on the

overall picture, forgetting to mind the gaps between interior components and the most subtle of creases in the body. When Tesla designed the Model S, it concentrated on details like how to make the electric charge port a thing of beauty while still being functional. The casual observer of the Model S will never know where the charge port is located since Tesla cleverly hid it in the driver’s side taillight, keeping the exterior of the car smooth and athletic.    

The door handles also keep with the smooth flow of the exterior. Many beautiful cars have had their exteriors blemished by large door handles, effectively ruining the pleasing aesthetics of the car. Tesla used an innovative design with door handles that extend out when needed, meaning when not in use they are flush with the doors. Not only does the design of the door handles and charging port make for a more beautiful car, they also reduce drag and

6 years ago

Great marriage of technology and artistry.

Knowledge is power!
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