The Peninsula Academy: An Insider View of Iconic Global Cities

WOW program – the epitome of ultra-luxe extravagance. A popular example involves traveling via helicopter, yacht and Rolls Royce to a remote island (with a lavishly prepared private banquet included) and back to Hong Kong.

Other standouts include the Peninsula Beverly Hills’ daytrip to the oceanfront Xanadu residence – made famous by the namesake movie starring Olivia Newton-John – for a private day of surf and sun, or a

retro Old Shanghai tour complete with a restored Rolls Royce Phantom and a custom-tailored qipao (Chinese silk dress) or traditional men’s jacket. History aficionados would appreciate a tour to the Philippine fortress, Corregidor, where brave American and Filipino soldiers fended off the Japanese during World War II, followed by an aerial tour of the surrounding coastline and a meal at one of the best restaurants in Asia.    

The available packages are not just for well-traveled adults. Even accompanying youngsters can partake in some entertaining experiences they won’t soon forget. In Chicago, a young girl can re-invent herself as a princess for a day with detailed lessons in royal etiquette, plus her very own pumpkin-shaped carriage, glass slippers and charming prince in tow. In Tokyo, kids can master the ancient art of Origami by creating their own dynamic

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