Urban Aesthetics Artistry: The Captivating Work of Artist Fin DAC

Her powerful gaze penetrates despite masked secrecy and surrounding distractions… Whether on the wall of a busy city street, the exterior of an old, abandoned ship or at a secret beach location in Ibiza, the painted images depicting empowered beauties invite contemplation.

Born in Cork, Ireland, Fin DAC had always dreamed of becoming an artist but lacked the self-confidence that he could make a

living at it. This all changed six years ago

when an attempt at relieving the stress and strain of life’s unpredictable obstacles brought his creative energy back with a vengeance. 

Following an unofficial four-city tour through the United States, the London-based street artist concludes his visit with a dazzling live demonstration at the boutique Lord Balfour Hotel in Miami. Preluding Art Basel Miami in December,

the artist is set to create his unique

interpretation of a modern-day geisha girl in the interior courtyard of the stylish hotel. 

Describing his art as ‘Urban Aesthetics’ the artist pays homage to the 19th century Aesthetics Art Movement, in which artists and writers focused exclusively on the beauty of their work – without ulterior social or political motivation. He was further influenced by Aubrey Beardsley – a

controversial illustrator belonging to the

movement –who’s most well-known

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