Wonders of the World: Traditional Christmas Decorations Around the World

The uniqueness of Christmas is brought by years of tradition per geographical location. Whatever the case maybe, the one true thing that binds Christians the world over is the reason for the celebration.

Unknown to some, the divergence is not as extreme as one might think. There is correlation in how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Although some are altered in subtle degrees, the iconic Christmas symbols remain supreme in

every home during this joyous annual celebration.

In Ukraine, for example, hanged with the usual Christmas tree ornaments are cobwebs and spiders. The two are known to be a staple of Halloween décor, but in this part of the world, they are much more significant during Christmas than the former. In fact, it is customary for housewives to welcome real live eight-legged arthropods with open arms. They

are quite gleeful when their homes are heavily cobwebbed. It is a sign of good fortune for them.

The tradition finds its origin from famous folklore about an underprivileged woman who saw a pinecone drop from a tree outside their home. It took root and eventually grew into a full-grown tree. They longed to adorn the tree for Christmas but couldn’t due to lack of funds. Come Christmas morning, the woman and her

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