Yoga in Public Places: Breathe Freely

Yoga is a sport in which your only competition is yourself. The only equipment you need is your body and breath (although a mat & towel can make things a bit more comfortable). If you already have a practice, then you’re aware of the health benefits yoga provides. The thing is…sometimes we all have days where we can’t make it into the studio for a full practice. Maybe you have a full schedule. Perhaps you’re on a business trip or vacation in a place where

there isn’t a yoga studio. You may just be watching your expenses. Whatever the reason, don’t let the lack of a studio stop you from continuing your practice. With a little creativity and courage, yoga can be performed anywhere you go. That’s not to say you need to contort into Scorpion pose in the middle of a crowded store (although if you’re an attention-seeker, that’s certainly a great way to do it!). If you’re the shy type, you can reap the benefits of  yoga

through smaller, less obvious bends, twists, and binds. Some of the more advanced traditional poses can also be modified to provide a public workout without making you appear to the outside world to be a pretentious yogi rubbing your fitness in everyone’s face. Don’t worry - The majority of people don’t think that way, but they are out there. The key to creating your own routine is to ensure that you balance the poses with each other. For every back

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