This is the season to be jolly and the season of parties as well! Whether it’s wearing a simple yet sophisticated little black dress or a structured gold-thread embroidered Balmain mini-dress, the accompanying hairstyle is fundamental in pulling off an epic style.

This year’s holiday hairstyles range from the romantic to the eccentric – from a sleek low chignon to ferocious curls that emphasizes the word voluminous in every

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Achieving an intensely volumized glare is a long-pursued quest for most cosmetic-savvy women. Those who lack the lusciousness of naturally thick and dark lashes dream of that perfect dramatic look that caters an intensity boost or false lash effect. Finding that one and only holy-grail mascara that will outstrip all the rest can be tricky – admit it, you too have spent years in conquest – but is achievable nonetheless. And as mascara technology
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Exquisite. Perennial. Timeless. Immortal. These are the fragrances that proudly pose as historical hallmarks in the perfume world, and that have effortlessly proven to be as ageless as the day they were first created. Every dedicated perfumista either owns them all, or aspires to collect them all. But what makes these fragrances stand out is not their collectability or vintage-like disposition, but the fact that they were -and are- unique enough to inspire
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