How often do you find yourself at a bar, pondering a worn-out little menu of cocktails and concoctions offered by the house while your mind is hopelessly stuck on “ . . . vodka-soda, please”?  It can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a man and don’t want to appear emasculated in front of a lady, or your friends. But it’s not rocket science. Here are some classic ideas from L’Esthète that might help you save face and, overall, give you an arsenal to fire from
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Sitting in an immaculate rock garden overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, I leisurely enjoy the final phase of a remarkable gastronomic experience: whimsically presented petit fours (inside a model train) with fragrant tea. Despite 13 inspired courses – each more inventive than the last – I will remember this moment as a unique and masterful celebration of inventive culinary innovation; quality local ingredients in
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It was a bone-achingly cold New Year’s Eve night in Chicago, but inside Topolobampo, the staff whisked away our heavy coats and considerable winter accoutrements, guided us to a tucked-away corner table, and invited us to slip on celebratory cardboard top hats. Over the hours ahead we would enjoy the restaurant’s best dishes from the previous year, a curated sampling of richness and spice, freshness and warmth, gathered together for one night only.
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