When you ask the typical person to think of an Aston Martin, they likely will call up to memory the Vanquish, even if they have no idea what it is called. The first generation Vanquish's role in the James Bond movie 'Die Another Day' greatly heightened awareness of an excellent example of perfection on wheels. The styling was revolutionary at the time, especially the large sculpted rear fenders that mimicked muscular shoulders and the gaping front

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The iPhone, and smartphones in general, are tailor-made for today’s on-the-go multitasker, especially those who work in the bustling and unforgiving corporate world. Work apps, in their purest form, should be designed for one primary purpose: to help workers perform their responsibilities more diligently. Yet due to a cluttered layout, problematic interface, a lack of essential features or a combination of all three, most iOS apps fail to live up

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Sitting at the high-rise Club Lounge, enjoying fantastic city views while sipping a cocktail, I suddenly realize that I’ve forgotten to make dinner arrangements. I know I should make my way back to my room or at least try and find a service desk, but tonight the sky is radiating the kind of magical rose-colored hues that leave you breathless. Fortunately, the moment is saved – due in large to the latest in modern technology.

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