Undulating sand dunes blurred in the distance to show a mirage of an oasis, and I felt completely immersed in the Arabian landscape as we arrived at our hotel in the heart of the desert of Wadi Khadeja in Ras Al Khaimah. It was not just the scenery but also the sensuous feeling of isolation that was so breathtaking. With the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi a little highly developed and congested for our tastes, my partner and I were seeking a more tranquil
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Art is life. That’s the message this ultra-modern 5* hotel seems to convey at every turn. From the entrance passageway and the lobby to the walls of every floor as well as the recently opened ‘The Gallery’ lounge area, Hotel Éclat Beijing seeks to enchant art connoisseurs with its impressive collection of contemporary artwork. Modern art world superstars Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali are well represented. In fact, the boutique hotel boasts the largest
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After an indulgent night’s sleep, I awaken to witness remarkable beauty surrounding me. The fantastical creatures I see form a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors as they elegantly disappear into the fold. Before I can even process what I'm seeing, some new natural wonder creates an awe-inspiring spectacle right before my eyes. It takes but a moment to realize that I am the curious intruder being observed by the mysterious and mystifying world beneath the sea.
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