Contributors’ Policies and Guidelines

The Basics There are two main guidelines for all of our articles: Whatever you write about must be beautiful and of the highest quality. If it looks great, but is poorly made, don’t write about it. If it’s well-made but breaks all rules of symmetry, beauty and balance, don’t write about it. Look for things that are timeless, not just trendy or exotic. Look for sophistication, simplicity and elegance. Take the time to read our current articles, articles that were written by people just like you. These are great examples of the style and quality our community is looking for. Your articles can become one of these examples, or even set new standards for the rest of our contributors! The more relevant and engaging your writing is, the better the chance it’ll be accepted by our editors and attract lots of readers.

What else?

  • Do your best.
  • Spell-check and proofread your work.
  • Avoid profanity, verbal junk DNA (like, you know, seriously and so on) and repetitiveness.
  • Keep it interesting and inspiring.
  • Keep it elegant.
  • Absolutely no plagiarism. Plagiarized articles will be automatically rejected and will lead to your account being suspended.

Copyright and content: Your articles will remain your property, and your profile name will be credited as the author of the articles. However, our editors retain the right to substitute images that are more suited to L’Esthète’s style and policies. We also provide additional links, which redirect our readers to relevant product retailers, educational resources and search engines that will enhance their knowledge of the subject of your article.

On images and formatting: Images need to be of good to great quality. No noise, blown highlights or over-processed images. Think of magazine pages rather than a Facebook newsfeed. We prefer images in landscape layout. Take advantage of our Image Uploader to zoom in and out and position your image just the way you’d like our readers to see it, focusing on what’s most important. Images should not exceed 1MB and 3000 megapixels in resolution. Images must be related to the subject described in your article. Your article must be at least 3 paragraphs long. Every paragraph must be accompanied by a related image. If your text exceeds the space in your paragraph box, keep typing, it’ll be transferred to the next box automatically.

The bottom line: If your article is accepted – congratulations! It goes live on our main page right away and you officially become a contributor to L’Esthète. Your article also goes to its related categories’ pages and stays up as part of our website archives. Every visitor to your article brings you recognition and repute, but it also adds to your earnings. The more eyeballs your article attracts, the more your fame and earnings grow!* Before you submit your first article, you must sign the Contributor License Agreement, providing your full name and an address where we should send your earnings.

*Subject to the terms of our Contributor License Agreement.

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